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Daniel is a great contact and takes care of our questions and needs promptly. Very happy with the service and products we have been purchasing.

—— Dante Primm

My partners and I are very impressed with the sample. I am even more impressed with Daniel. He was informed, responsive and never pushy. When the season changes and we get a chance to properly test our sample, we will be in contact with further details.

—— J Fisher

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QC Hồ sơ

The factory passed the certification of ISO9001, 2 quality control teams, team 1 inspect incoming materials (parts and accessories), and team 2 handle inspection of finished products from frame welding, painting, decaling, bike assembling, packaging, etc. Inspection ratio 10% for incoming materials but 100% inspection for electric parts like controllers, motors, batteries, displays. Inspection ratio 100% for complete bikes especially for electric bikes.

Chứng chỉ
  • Trung Quốc Linq Bike (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Chứng chỉ

    Tiêu chuẩn:CCC


    ngày phát hành:2017-10-12

    Ngày hết hạn:2022-07-19

    Phạm vi/phạm vi:KIDS BALANCE BIKE

    cấp bởi:CQCC

  • Trung Quốc Linq Bike (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Chứng chỉ

    Tiêu chuẩn:EN


    ngày phát hành:2016-06-21

    Ngày hết hạn:2021-06-20

    Phạm vi/phạm vi:BICYCLE

    cấp bởi:SGS

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Linq Bike (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

Người liên hệ: Mr. Daniel Lu

Tel: 0086-13511632646

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